how toHow to… – Things you need to do when you’re trying to improve your website. This article will show you how to do some fixes by yourself.

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1 - Decide what is really needed as text (500 - 1000 characters)

2 - Try not to overload the page with pictures (you need no more then 2-3 pictures on every 500 - 1000 characters)

3 - Resize the pictures to fit your content (use Online Resize services and Online Picture Compressors).

4 - Write ALT Tags for your images. (only if you know how to edit your code. It is an easy task if your website runs on a WordPress (see here).

alt tag

5 - Keep the same fonts throughout your website. Try not to use too many different fonts. Use the ones that are easy to read.

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Make sure your copyright information in the footer corresponds to the current year.

To check this just scroll down to the bottom of your page. Next to this sign © should be the current year. Otherwise, your visitors might think that you have not taking a good care of your website.


Very often the year is updated automatically. If not, you can change this information in your footer settings or code.

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If your website has secure connection, you should have a little lock displayed before the domain name.


If your website's connection is NOT secure, you will see an "i" icon displayed before the domain name.

not secure connection

To make your website secure, you need to contact your domain registrar or web hosting company and ask for this option.  

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You need a special design feature - responsive design. This will make your website looking equally great on any device.

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Business websites must be well structured and organized. They are representations of your company on the Internet. We have prepared an article on the details that you should not overlook in your business websites. 

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